Energy sector in Turkey structurally has undergone a drastic change since 2001. Energy market has been reshaped during the period that aims to create an energy market which would act in accordance with the provisions of private law, financially strong, stable and transparent.

In this new era the importance of energy law has been increased and energy law itself started to evolve as the disipline of law.

Energy Law Research Instutite has been established in 2007 with the aim to contribute public and private sector policies about the management of the development of energy law, natural resources and energy issues compatible with the environment.

Institute has became an important platform, where processing of current and strategic issues, with training seminars, conferences, symposions, seminars, reports, publications and  studies of boards for Professional managers and jurists, who are in the Energy sector.



The mission of our Institute is, by following Energy sector closely, for identification of the needs of industry with the training programmes which are legislation and practice-oriented, prepearing publications and reports, which are orienting for the development of the energy sector and  keeping abreast of innovations in the sector, contributing to policy-makers, by working regarding of the creation of energy policies, which are going to be our Country’s interests in short, medium and over the long term.



The vision of our Institute is to raising human resources in energy sector, to be the most  developed and significant training organisation which ensures accurate  sharing of up-to-date information and to be a vital organisatin of tought which contributes our country’s domestic and international energy politics.


Advt. Süleyman BOŞÇA (Chairman of the Institute)
Asst. Prof. Dr. İbrahim ERMENEK (Vice  Chairman of the Institute)
Advt. Hasan Zihni GÖNEN (General Secretary of the Institute)
Advt. Yıldız KARA (Member)
Advt. İsmail KÜÇÜKÇOPUR (Member)
Advt. Fatma BOZKURT (Member)